Thank you for your help in protecting our environment.


Currently, we all have to fight against an additional enemy which is threatening our way of life around the world - the corona covid-19 virus.

But despite that, we all have to continue our efforts to fight climate change.

And we all do.  


You, Planet Impact and Earth Alliance Foundation are working hard to recoup CO2 and jointly helping to protect the rainforest.


We thank you for that.


In order to achieve the best result, we identify organisation who are actively working in the field to protect and restore rain forest.


Our first project is now activated, and rain forest in the ‘Dracula Reserve’ in Ecuador’s rainforest is protected with your contribution.

Our second project is active too.


It is our Mobile App "Earth Alliance Foundation" which shows you all about the rainforest project we support and it shows you parcels of rain forest which have been assigned to your contribution.


The App also provides a lot of additional information about the Dracula Reserve.

You will find information what the people on site do to fight against climate change.

​You also can find your individual certificate in the app.


Discover the geolocation of the land you protected.
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To access the App use "Forgot Password" with the same email you used to register on Planet Impact.

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